About me:

Tanja Kreimendahl, that’s me.

I was born in 1964 and have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to the subject of dogs. I had 25 years of animal welfare under my belt before I became fascinated by a new idea for a breed of family dog to which I have dedicated the last 14 of my life. My frank thanks are valid here for the founder of the race who has indicated my way with his untiring engagement to me, my idol has become and has always escorted me on my way. My friendship and support are also certain to him in future.

I live with my pack of dogs on the southern lüneburger heath in a picturesque hamlet with a lake and museum village close to the town of Uelzen.

In future I will dedicate my acquired knowledge and love for dogs solely to the breeding of my service-, therapy- and dogs for the blind.

My positive experience with the characteristics of the Old English sheepdog have convinced me to help bringin this type of breed forward.


I am a certified dog psychologist nTR® and have dedicated the last 10 years to the breeding of service and therapy dogs.

From 2000 to 2014 I have been engaged with the breeding of service and therapy dogs under the auspices of the EZFG e.V. There, my dogs have had 25 litters and many of them and their descendants have been successfully awarded top marks for character and hereditary health.

Over 75% of my puppies now work successfully as therapy-, school and service dogs. Some of the dogs from my kennels have recently begun to prove themselves as guide dogs for the blind. I would like to dedicate more of my energy to breeding guide dogs for the blind and have since become involved with the IRV e.V..

My puppies grow up in a pack with their own family members in their own garden. I dedicate my knowledge and love to prepare them for their future roles.

The little ones have their characters shaped by their environment and external stimuli while taking great care not to overexert them.

My focus is on rearing appropriate for the species, hereditary health and character development in accordance with their age.

The parent animals are tested in relation to a peaceful, friendly, resilient and stable character paired with sensibility. They are also examined by a vetinary physician for dispasia of the hip joint, hereditary eye impairments and patella dislocation. The stud dogs also tested for Elboe dysplasia, MDR1, and hearing. (Vetinary clinic ik Dr.Koch/Oerzen)

My kennels are have been inspected and approved by the in accordance with Paragraph 11 TSchG official vetinary authority for the district of Uelzen.

The parent animals are approved IRV e. V. breeding dogs with pedigrees..

The puppies receive their pedigrees and can be handed over to their new owners upon reaching their ninth week after having been wormed, inoculated and chipped. The puppy owners will receive a CD with comprehensive advice relating to species appropriate feeding (raw feed), upbringing & care as well as a video showing the puppies development from birth to hand-over.

It goes without saying that individual care for those interested in my puppies is given and that I am a life-long competent contact for all matters concerning your dog’s well-being

For an optimal transition of the puppy to its new family, an early contact is not only advisable but also expressly wished

When looking for responsible new owners priority is given to the handicapped and to families with children as well as to those wishing for service, therapy or guide dogs for the blind

I work closely with and am a member of the Deutsche Blindenführhunde e.V. (german guide dog association)

If you have discovered an interest for my litters then I would welcome the opportunity to fully answer any questions over a cup of coffee (or tea?)

I am, of course, contactable by telephone or E-Mail

(please make use of the contact form)