Spend your holiday at Crow Valley´s Home:

If you want to spend a few days in our picturesque village with museum village and bathing lake, don´t care too much about luxury and do not want to neglect your tolerable dogs, is very welcome on our property.

After acquaintance, the guest dogs are allowed to explore the almost 1,000 m² of land together with our pack. There is also a "holiday-only" area in the garden, well fenced.

I like to show our visitors nice corners in the surrounding area and give tips for day trips.

The apartment itself is 35m² large with terrace of approx. 30m².

It has a master bedroom with double bed (140 x 200 cm), a shower room and a living-dining area with all the necessary utensils for cooking. For the B.A.R.F. - holiday home the apartment also has a fridge-freezer with large freezer (food for about 14 days / 2 large dogs).

Would you like to get to know the Lüneburger Heath?

Feel free to contact me via the contact form on the homepage or by phone!

Price on request!



IRV-Kennel "of Richmountain"

FCI- Kennel   "Fan-Bo"

SCC - Kennel "Fleurs de L ´ Ísles"

Holidays in the Luneburger Heath

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We are full member and registered breeder in IRV e.V.

This is a recognized, proper breeding organization, not a dissident association!

In this association, exist exactly the same strict regulations (for example, the necessaryhealth testings, etc.) , as in other serious societies, which we must adhere to in order to obtain correct ancestral plates.

However, this does not mean that our puppies are worse than others or have any health problems.

Unfortunately, we have noticed more recently that the smaller breeding associations and breeders in Germany are denounced and slandered by some "bad tongues".

For example, All associations and breeders who are not members of the "only true association" as dissident clubs or breeders, or even as conscientious mass multipliers. This is an infamous submission.

"Black Sheep" is unfortunately everywhere with each club and also among the breeders. But you can not go and generalize this.

However, one should be so decent as to let the competition live and not be made public by any unsustainable rumors, which may have considerable criminal consequences for the disseminator. Unfortunately the envy of Germany breeders does not allow fairness too !!!

Originally Posted by Wilhelm Busch:

"Envy is the most sincere kind of recognition"

Also, utterances such as e.g. "Everyone who owns a PC and a printer can print his or her own motherboard or family tree," are unstable. If a demonstrable concretization could take place here, the disseminator of such statements should bring so much civil courage to bring this to the attention of the relevant authorities (after all, this is a falsifying act, which is a criminal offense). This civil courage, however, obviously lacks the dissemination of such rumors.

In conclusion: all interested puppy buyers can take a look at the breeding and keeping of our puppies, as well as the attitude of our dogs.

Breeding and breeding of the IRV e.V.

Are puppies too expensive?

"I beg your pardon? The puppy should cost so much money? ", A caller curses. Another complained, they only want to earn a lot of money with their puppies. Another wonders if there are not puppies without papers to buy!

Such calls belong to the breeder's day, not only of our breed, but also of other breeds. At least when the breed is operated with a lot of responsibility and financial commitment, which is by far not always the case.

Anyone who has a sense of dogs, a proper attitude and the enormous effort of the breeder knows why puppies from reputable breeders can not change their owners at "cheap prices".

Here it can be seen: breeders who want to convey their puppies to "sling prices" save in other areas. This may concern the medical care of the puppy, the worm cures, the conditions of posture and the vaccinations.

Other "breeders"

Try to reach the "low prices" by a mass production. Who sells a lot of puppies, ultimately makes its cut - at the expense of the dogs - of course!
Some dubious breeders and mass multipliers live from dog sales.
If a buyer purchases from them, a dog - because of the favorable price or from compassion - he supports the machinations of the dealer. Here would be real animal protection, there no dog to buy.
Health problems of the puppies and character weaknesses occur very frequently in these circumstances.
This is where the new owner often adds very high veterinarian costs, which far exceed the purchase price of the animal.
Of course it can not be ruled out that even a puppy from a serious dog breed can fall ill once.
The dog shopper never has a guarantee for health. But the chance to buy a sick puppy is much lower if you look for a responsible breeder who understands something from dogs.


A serious breeder always has his breeding bitches under veterinary control. He will make a selection of suitable Stud dogs and, of course, must also pay a mate fee
(Which is not exactly low). In addition there is the medical care of the bitch during pregnancy.

The optimal accommodation and feeding of the dogs, which should have of course also all vaccinations. A responsible breeder will also observe the worm cures for bitches and puppies and can prove this to his puppy buyer. The price of the breeders' association and the enormous time spent on breeding and raising the puppies also determine the price.
That's why:
Have a look at "your" breeder. Are the puppies are well and clean,do they not have any fear of people? (When there is humanism, perhaps there is a massaging here somewhere in the basement or other secondary building - without contact with family), is the puppy curious and playful? Let the "litter box" show - is it large enough for the breed? Is the mother bitch close to the puppies? A good mother dog will never let her puppies out of her sight and will always try to be near her puppies.

Every responsible breeder will be happy to show you where the puppies are born and be proud to show them where the puppies are growing up!
Tips for puppy buying:

If you want to bring a puppy into the family, we advise you to look closely at the breeding ground and to pay attention to the following points:

The mother dog of the puppies is always present. What is the impression of the bitch? Is it healthy? At what time did the bitch have puppies? Where are the puppies raised (enough light and warmth)? Who cares about the puppies and how long? Does the breeder have enough time to shape the puppies? Do the puppies make a lively and healthy impression? How does the breeder deal with the puppies and his big dogs? Look at all the  documents of the parents !!! Is the breeder willing to answer all your questions in detail? If you are unsure or hesitant, visit different breeders and compare !!!

Do not let yourself be pushed to a decision!

And to the end:

Who saves on puppy buying at the wrong end, runs the risk of this money and much more to leave with the veterinarian!

Beware of dog traders and mass multipliers ...!


​Standard - Old English Sheepdog:

FCI-Standard N° 16



St-FCI n°16/05.01.2011


ORIGIN: Great Britain.


STANDARD: 13.10.2010.


FCI-CLASSIFICATION: Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs

(except Swiss CattleDogs).

Section 1 Sheepdogs.

Without working trial.


Sheepdogs registry is listed as Britain its actual ancestry is thought tobe from the European Shepherd Dogs of the Owtcharka andBergamasco types bred to sheepdogs of Britain. It is now regarded as a native British breed, often called the Bob-Tail.

Strong, compactand profusely coated; his coat is a distinctive feature and is weather-

resistant. Basically a country dog, intelligent and friendly; he has a particularly resonant bark sufficient to frighten off any intruder.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Strong, square-looking dog of great symmetry and overall soundness. Absolutely free from legginess, profusely coated all over. A thick-set muscular, able-bodied dog with a most intelligent expression. The natural outline

should not be artificially changed by scissoring or clipping. Of great stamina,exhibiting a gently rising topline, and a pear-shap ed body when viewed from above. The gait has a typical roll when ambling or walking. Bark has a distinctive toned quality.


Dog standing lower at withers than loin. Head in proportion to the size of the body.

Muzzle measuring approximately half of the total head length.


St-FCI n°16/05.01.2011



A biddable dog of even disposition. Bold, faithful and trustworthy, with no suggestion of

nervousness or unprovoked aggression.


Skull: Capacious, rather square. Well arched above eyes.

Stop: Well defined.


Nose: Large and black. Nostrils wide.

Muzzle: Strong, square and truncated.

Jaws / Teeth: Teeth strong, large and evenly placed. Scissor bite -

jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e.

upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Pincer bite tolerated but undesirable.

Eyes: Set well apart. Dark or wall eyes. Two blue eyes acceptable.

Light eyes undesirable. Pigmentation on the eye rims ispreferred.

Ears: Small and carried flat to side of head.


Fairly long, strong, arched gracefully.

BODY: Rather short and compact.

Loin: Very sturdy, broad and gently arched.

Chest: Deep, capacious brisket. Ribs well-sprung.

TAIL: Previously customarily docked or naturalstumpytail.

Docked: Customarily completely docked.


Natural carriage.

Well feathered with abundant hard-textured coat.


Shoulder: Well laid back, being narrower at the point of withers than at the point of shoulder. Loaded shoulders undesirable.


St-FCI n°16/05.01.2011


Elbow: Fitting close to brisket.

Forearm: Forelegs perfectly straight, with plenty of bone, holding body well from ground.

Forefeet: Small, round and tight. Toes well arched.

Pads thick and hard. Turning neither in nor out.


General appearance: Quarters well covered, round and muscular.

Stifle (Knee): Well turned, but not exaggerated.

Lower thigh: Long and well developed.

Hock joint: Set low.

Metatarsus (Rear pastern):

Parallel, viewed from behind.

Hind feet: Small, round and tight. Toes well arched . Pads thick and hard. Turning neither in nor out.


When walking, exhibits a bear-like roll from the rear. When trotting, shows effortless extension and strong driving rear action, with legs moving straight along line of travel. Very elastic at the gallop. At slow speeds, some dogs may tend to pace.

When moving, the head carriage may adopt a naturally lower position.



Profuse, of good harsh texture, not straight, but shaggy andfree from curl.

Undercoat of waterproof pile. Head and skull well covered with hair, ears moderately coated, neck well coated, forelegs well coated all round, hindquarters more heavily coated than rest of body. Quality and texture to be considered above length

and profusion.

Colour: Any shade of grey, grizzle or blue. Body and hindquartersof solid colour with or without white socks.

White patches in the solid area to be discouraged. Head, neck, forequarters and under

belly to be white with or without markings. Any shade of brown undesirable.



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